Short Code SMS

Send Smarter Short Code SMS with Unmatched Delivery

Shortcodes are useful when you have information to sell. Once the incoming payment SMS is received, a reply SMS containing the information, or a weblink to the information, or an entry code to a website containing the information can be sent back to your customer. Premium Rated Shortcode services are supplied by Digital India Solution either on a dedicated shortcode basis, or on a keyword basis where a single shortcode is shared by multiple users each with their own keyword. Dedicated shortcodes would typically be used by customers wanting to run multiple services of their own, each with a different keyword. There is no limit to the number of keywords that can be used on a dedicated number. There is a network imposed minimum volume requirement from Vodacom of 3000 incoming SMSes per month.

Premium Rate SMS can also be used for:

  • Voting lines.
  • Competition entry mechanism.
  • Information gathering.

An example of a premium rate shortcode service is that of one provided by Wavescape where you send an SMS with the keyword “WS” to the shortcode 34010 (SMS charged at R2/SMS) for the surf forecast for Cape Town and an automatic response is then received via SMS containing the surf forecast for the next 4 days for the area you selected (in this example – WS).